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Personal Protective Equipement

International Export Solutions Group has longstanding relationships with manufacturers worldwide to supply and distribute Personal Protective Equipment “PPE” to local and International buyers. Our PPE products are designed and constructed by the state of the arts machines, also maintained clean and reliable from the factory.



FN95 are tight-fitting, fit test approved mask that achieves a minimum filtration efficiency of 99% when worn properly. The edges of the mask form a seal around the nose and mouth and are designed to reduce the risk of inhaling hazardous airborne particles and aerosols (only non-oil aerosols). Equipped with filter-like material that blocks 99% of very small particles. Also equipped to protect against some vapors/gases.


Nitrile Gloves


The Nitrile Gloves we offer are an Industrial Grade, Blue, Disposable Glove commonly used for hand protection against contaminants. The Disposable Nitrile Gloves have textured fingertips to provide an extra layer of protection against punctures, rips, and tears. Created with Synthetic Nitrile Rubber and a beaded cuff to ensure resistance to contaminants getting inside the glove. ESD and FDA Tested and Approved.


Our CN95 Respirator Masks achieve a minimum filtration efficiency of 95% and when worn properly the edges of the mask form a seal around the nose and mouth. They are designed to reduce the risk of inhaling hazardous airborne particles and aerosols. You will be rest assured that all performance requirements are met, such as fit testing, filter efficiency and breathing resistance.


Level 3 Mask

Our Level 3 Surgical Masks include 4 layers of construction which offers Clinicians comfort, protection, and breathability that they seek. This high barrier mask is ideal for high-risk patients, designed for fluid protection such as spray, splatter, moisture, and airborne particles.


Level 2 Mask

Our level 2 Masks ensures protection against dust, sand, and other air-borne pollutants. Form fitting, fluid repelling inner protection filter, and has a great design for comfortable fit, with strong polyester elastic ear loops.


Kids Mask

Our Kids Masks for children are soft, comfortable, and made without latex or glass fibers. Children will be equipped with optimal protection and will provide the protection needed while allowing activity. This mask is designed to resist moderate fluid splashes while maintaining breathability. The highly effective 3-ply design can filter or trap all common bacteria and particles found in the air.

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